Analyzing bookies journal

If you’re betting our school come so far, I certainly understand the importance of keeping a journal bookies where you have all important data in one place. The diary that will be your faithful companion on the road to professional betting, he was to document every one of your bet.

If you have forgotten or somehow accidentally skipped altogether topic dealing with the leadership of the journal bookies go back and go through the lesson again → Keeping a journal punter. In this lesson, you will find everything you need to so that you can adequately record all the important information about your bets placed. If you still do not keep a diary bookies, you should do it as quickly as possible to rectify.

As we mentioned, the bookies diary gives you a wealth of information regarding your betting habits. The sooner you feeding it, the more information you have available. And that information is the foundation of success.

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This phrase may sound comical, but exactly such is the power diary punter. The information that you get it back, open your eyes and causes you to do, to change negative habits and positive ones on the contrary, to preserve (and further developed). This way you will become increasingly successful … until one day become a true professional punter.

Sami will make you wonder how many different information can be found in the diary and what wonderful changes you will be able to help him succeed. Many bettors keeping a journal is considered to be unnecessary, however, such a view have for one reason – they are lazy. A sloth is preparing their profits. Do not let the same thing happen to you. Keeping a journal bookies is not a hard and after a few weeks to get used to this activity so that it will no longer be considered automatically.